Rhino Post Driver

The choice of professional installers for over 20 years, the Rhino PD-55 Pneumatic Post Driver is suited for driving t-posts, ground rod, tent stakes, grape stakes, delineator posts, form pins and fence posts up to 3 5/8”.

  • One moving part, a double valve, reciprocating piston,
 insures low-maintenance and longevity.
  • Only 54 pounds with an exclusive Alloy Steel, 3-1/2″ piston, delivering up to 1700 blows per minute.
  • Fits into tight jobsites, and only needs one operator.
  • Additional driving options possible with easy bolt-on adapters.

The legendary PD-55 is ideally suited for driving:

  • t-posts
  • ground rod
  • tent stakes
  • grape stakes
  • delineator posts
  • form pins
  • fence posts up to 3 3/4”

Model: PD-55 Medium Duty Post Driver
Model Number: 070013
Equipped With: 3-7/8″ (98.4mm) I.D. Master Chuck
Air Consumption: 42 CFM @ 90psi (1.19m3/min @ 6.21Bar)
Weight: Approx. 54.6lbs. (24.8kg)


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